Wireless Telemetry

Advanced Intelligent Instrumentation

High accuracy, high quality measurement is interfaced with simple yet powerful configuration and monitoring software. T24 gives sensor manufacturers and integrators the complete flexibility to build their own sensor modules around it. The system easily replaces wired systems, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Mantracourt Electronics design and manufacture an extensive range of strain gauge measurement products for a wide range of industry segments. The instrumentation is designed for load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors, temperature sensors, for signal conditioning, display and control using analogue, digital and wireless techniques. As a company, we specialise in miniature high performance electronic products giving high accuracy, performance and speed. Our core product range consists of strain gauge amplifiers, analogue signal conditioners, digital indicators, strain gauge digitisers, wireless telemetry systems, load cell weighing indicators and USB data acquisition units.

Wireless Telemetry

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