Precision redefined.

Micro-Measurements strain gages now available.

The world leader in stress analysis

  • Stress Analysis Strain Gages
  • Transducer-Class® Strain Gages
  • Installation Accessories
  • Instruments and Data Loggers
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General purpose gages.

Developed for residual stress measurement.

  • Wide range of gage patterns
  • Gage sizes from < 0.3mm to > 50mm
  • High temperature models available
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Transducer-Class gages.

For the production of precision transducers.

  • Optimum backing thickness tolerance
  • Uniform backing trim dimensions
  • Multiple creep compensation choices
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Strain gage accessories.

For the installation of electrical resistance strain gages.

  • Surface preparation materials
  • Bonding adhesives
  • Environmental coatings and many more
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Strain Gauges

Over 50 Years of Experience

Since 1962, Micro-Measurements has been dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of products for high-precision strain and stress measurement.

Full Product Range

For purposes of experimental stress analysis, we offer a full complement of the sensors, instrumentation, and installation accessories necessary to obtain accurate, reliable strain and stress data.

Quality Assurance

Micro-Measurements develops its products to ISO-9001 certifications and standards. We also offer product warranties and make available all certificates of standards and calibration for the client's peace of mind.

All-Purpose Strain Gages

Designed for all engineering applications

With thousands of models available, Micro-Measurements offer the widest range of stress analysis gages for all engineering applications. Whether for research and testing, or on-site use, we can supply the right general purpose gage for your needs.
  • Linear, biaxial, tee-rosette and other popular patterns
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • High temperature models available
  • Full range of adhesives and installation accessories

Educational Kits for Universities

Fully equipped kits available for teaching and demonstration

Embedded systems are driving the forefront of transportation technology. Marine and rail transport systems can rely on automation for added safety and security, whether navigating vast distances or ensuring the safety of of millions of daily commuters.
  • Specially priced gages and kits for universities
  • Technical guides and expert advice for students
  • Fully equipped kits including installation accessories
  • Educational support material available on request

Technical Expertise

Developed over 50 years of engineering experience

Since 1962, Micro-Measurements has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of products for high-precision strain and stress measurement. At Elexsys, we provide the full range of Micro-Measurements' strain products and industry expertise.
  • Extensive library of technical documentation
  • Comprehensive material data sheets for all products
  • Explanatory guides for gage installation and accessories
  • Technical support available for all queries

Robust solutions that support users in achieving their goals.

For reliable technology that's stood the test of time, our customers have come to rely on our products for all applications.

Strain Gauges

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