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The new MAQ®20 Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System powerful, high performance, highly flexible system ideal for test and measurement, factory and process automation. The MAQ®20 family consists of DIN rail mounted, programmable, multi-channel, industrially rugged signal conditioning input and output modules and communications modules.
  • Lowest Cost per Channel - from R175
  • ±0.035% System Accuracy
  • 1500Vrms Module Isolation


One MAQ®20 communications module can interface to up to 24 I/O modules to construct a system with a maximum of 284 channels to fit a standard 19" instrumentation rack. Multiple systems may be linked together on a single computer for simultaneous interfacing for data acqusition, control, test and measurement applications.


Choose from a wide range of multi-channel input and output modules, including analog standards such as voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer, strain gage and frequency input, as well as voltage and current output. Digital I/O modules provide multiple channels of input and output per module, and offer advanced special functions including alarm capability.


The MAQ®20 delivers powerful performance features:
  • ±0.035% accuracy (typical)
  • 1500Vrms channel-to-bus isolation
  • Up to 240Vrms continuous field I/O protection
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • Advanced features including integral PID control, alarms, counters, timers, PMWs, and more

Data Acquisition Systems

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