Load cell Simulator


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  • Connect LC-SYS-01 to load cell-receiver (Indicator, Controller, HMI, etc.) via DB9 connection : side-right
  • Pin reference: (1) +Ex, (2) +Se, (3) -Se, (4) -Ex, (5) n/c, (6) n/c, (7) n/c, (8) +Sig, (9) -Sig,
  • Switch on Cal : top-left toggle
  • Ensure correct polarity : top-right toggle
  • Select load cell Voltage-type, e.g. 2mV/V : bottom-right selector
  • Simulate analogue signal, Medium-steps : Decade-switch, center
  • Fine-tune analogue signal : Vernier, bottom-left

General Applications

  • Fault-finding by isolating existing load cell/s from indicator/controller
  • Test/Prepare weighing stations with simulated loads prior to commencing calibration verifications
  • System-development by fine-tuning switch-points at specific signal input/s

Time-saving results

  • No need to place adequate loads on specific load cells to determine source of faulty signal. Use simulator to isolate individual signals and check overall performance.
  • No need to test automated system with physical load cells. Use simulator to test performance prior to final installtion and proof-test

Specific Applications

  • Weighbridge
  • Filling systems
  • Batching systems
  • Silo-weighing

South African-made

This product was developed and built on South African ingenuity

  • Design, assemblky and repair: Elexsys
  • Component source: Communica
  • Stainless steel packaging: MetalGrapho